Air B’N’B to the rescue…I have been working really hard on some weekend projects, but painfully waiting to be paid. This is one the challenges of working for yourself and running your own business. So whilst I wait patiently, I was fortunate enough to recieve an offer for someone to rent my house for 3 nights when Rocco and I had a weekend planned at my parent’s house for the weekend of Mother’s Day. This money was well appreciated and is hopefully the start of a shift of when money can start flowing in again.

With a lot of talk in the media about the Australian dollar potentially dropping and the strength returning to the US, particularly with more interest rate hikes, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to purchase more of my Vanguard EFT VTS, which is diversified across major US stocks. This $1,000 represented my 45th $1,000 and takes my estimated dividend income to $2,245 p.a. which represents 56.1% of my goal being achieved. As stressed as I am about my deadline and money being owed to me I am holding faith that the universe has my back and that waiting for this money to be paid is all about teaching me a valuable lesson.


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