Since launching my video on “The $1,000 Project” (formerly known as the Passive Income Project), I have been busy focusing on manifesting the first $1,000.

Initially, I was worried that this would take a while to happen, but as soon as I put into practice a positive headspace and attitude (thoughts, feelings and actions), I found myself in a creative brainstorming zone and was able to create $1,000 really quickly.

This is what I did…..

$550 – sold some clothes on eBay that I didn’t wear anymore

$220 – in coins and notes (from money left over from taking my lunch to work)

$230 – sold some furniture on Gumtree that I had in storage

Now that I have my first $1,000 ready, I am researching different options as to how I should invest this money. I will cover this in more detail in my video…which will be ready on the 3rd of August…so stay tuned!

In the meantime, keep me posted as to how you are saving your $1,000 parcels, and every time you are doing something that helps build your $1,000 (whether that be having a garage sale, selling unwanted items on eBay or Gumtree, or even working extra shifts), make sure you take a photo on your Instagram account and hashtag #the1000project

I will keep watching out for you and we can all share ideas as to how we are building our long term passive income sources!


All photography by Grace Alyssa Kyo

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