This $1,000 came from a variety of different sources…both big and small amounts made this $1,000 happen quickly. I finally fee like I am back in the zone and even though I only just invested this money, my next $1,000 is already building up.

So the sources of this $1,000 came from some dividends from existing shares, some money that I was given for my birthday this month, selling clothes on High End as well as saving money by buying pre-loved clothes on High End. I also saved some money at Woolworths by making the most of a promotional offer that they were running and I also chose to walk instead of paying for expensive parking.

I purchased a new stock this time, EBO, another Healthcare company that a client told me about. Normally I am very sceptical about “tips” but I did my own research and liked what I read. However I will limit how much I will invest in this stock as it is not widely covered by research houses. The estimated yield is 3.8% p.a. and that takes my total estimated passive income up to $2,739, which is 68.47% of the way towards achieving my goal.

Bring on the next $1000!


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