Some people think Frequent flyer programs are a waste of money and time. And for some people, who don’t travel that much, I can understand where they are coming from. But for me personally, I LOVE my frequent flyer program. I am a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, and have been for almost 10 years I think(?) Whenever I fly, I always try and make sure it is with Qantas.

Not only do I earn points, but their customer service (from my experience) is consistently higher than any other airline that I have flown with. Not just at the call centre, but in the lounge, on the flight and when you check in. There is something that about jumping on a Qantas plane that makes me feel proud to be Australian.

Anyway, I recently had to fly to Melbourne and I was a on a bit of a tight budget, so I used my Qantas Frequent flyer points to pay for my flight. This saved me a whopping $800! I always fly flexible rates as I never know when my meetings may go overtime, I get stuck in traffic, or maybe even finish up early!!! But my main concern is if I need to urgently fly back for Rocco, so paying a little bit more for that flexibility is good value for me and gives me that peace of mind. So I was able to contribute the $800 savings towards The $1,000 Project account and on top of this, I purchased some more preloved clothes, which out of my monthly clothing budget saved me over $200.

I invested the $1,000 in some more ANZ stock, raising my estimated passive income to $2,601, meaning that I am now 65% towards my goal. Deadline is getting closer and closer but fortunately I am in a great zone with lots of opportunities to save money and make money flowing in… lets hope the good times keep rolling in because I am not afraid of hard work!


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