After picking up CBA stock at what I believed was a discount through my fifty eighth $1,000 I was keen to go back to my new strategy of bulking up on my listed investment company stock, that I previously explained. So with my fifty ninth $1,000, I purchased another $1,000 worth of stock in MLT.

This $1,000 came from Air BNB, eBay, Gum Tree, a semi quiet under-budget weekend and a few lunches to work. I also rented my house out for a second time this month, which topped me up and over the $1,000, so I have $200 already ready to go for the next $1,000. If feels good to be making progress with my next $1,000 so quickly.

My estimated passive income is $2,899, which means that I am 72.47% of the way towards achieving my goal. Fortunately I have been regularly reviewing my strategy and goals for this project almost every day and there are a few weekend projects that I am still waiting patiently to be paid for. This upcoming injection of funds should help push me over the $3,000 mark and get me feel a lot closer to achieving my goal.

Okay, back to work, I have some money to make!



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