Wow it feels good to be in the $50,000 zone now…I was finally paid for a weekend job, which literally took months to be paid for, (like 3-4 months), for a job that I completed earlier in the year. I guess this is one of the many struggles of small business and shows the pressures that businesses face today. However I am grateful that this money is going towards investing rather than being needed for living expenses, as my stress levels would be much higher.

This money went towards buying some more CWN stock. The research is still quite neutral about CWN, however it looks like good value to me as it hasn’t fully recovered from its pull back a few months ago. Obviously I am no analyst but they yield is over 6% p.a. and considering I have invested in more growth orientated stocks recently, this high yield is much appreciated.

My estimated passive income is $2,546 p.a. and I am 63.65% of the way there…plus more money is coming in for other weekend jobs so hopefully I am not too far away from hitting the $60,000 mark soon!

Head down, bum up and serious saving and earning work to be done.


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