This was an odd $1,000 to come up with…mainly because it was part of my friend’s misfortunate luck. My friend was having a weekend away with her kids and she was also trying to save some money, so I leant her my traveling pram so that she didn’t have to waste money buying one or hiring one. Unfortunately the pram was stolen from the restaurant whilst her and her family were enjoying their meal.

My friend was so horrified and insisted in giving me the money to purchase a new one. I felt so uncomfortable taking this money was Rocco doesn’t need the pram as much anymore, but she insisted on repaying me for it. So I deposited the money into The $1,000 account and will look at renting one next time that I travel with Rocco. Admit ably these prams are great for going on planes and walking around the airports when kids are shattered.

Also during this period I had a couple of quiet weekends hanging out with Rocco, going to the parks, beaches and having home cooked meals and hibernating during winter. Great for the soul and our connection.

On top of this I sold some things on eBay and these things combined are what gave me the total of $1,000. I purchased more of the GEAR ETF, taking my estimated passive income to $2,701 p.a. which is 67.5% of the way towards my ultimate goal for the project.


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