When it rains, it pours! After having a long and frustrating period of waiting for money earning opportunities and watching my dedicated $1,000 Project savings account slowly build up, I have earnt another $1,000 by renting my house out on Air B’N’B for a weekend. I earnt over $1,000 but I decided to put some aside to for myself to buy some new towels.

With the $1,000 I decided to buy some CCL stock as it is has started to show signs of recovery and the yield is quite attractive, at over 5% p.a. I am hoping that whilst this stock pays a good dividend income, that there will be some capital growth opportunities in the medium to long run. This is a stock that I have been watching for quite some time as it has really suffered over the last few years. A lot of people assume that CCL is only fizzy drinks, however they actually own a majority of the bottled water market as well as fruit and some alcohol products. The operate not just inside Australia, but  5 other countries as well.

I have now invested $50,000, my estimated passive income is $2,480 p.a. and I am now 62% towards achieving my goal of $4,000 p.a. Time is ticking and luckily I am waiting to be paid for a few more weekend jobs that I did, so watch this space as more money will be flowing into The $1,000 Project Portfolio shortly…


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