Nothing quite motivates me to do my tax return like the sniff of a potential tax refund!

My poor accountant – James Dalland, is so incredibly patient with me. I think I drove him nuts about maximising my tax return, (even telling him about a dream that I had)!

But as all good advisers and specialists, he went through my tax return and financials with me and made sure that I understood my tax assessment, business financials as well as my personal deductions. Slowly and clearly explaining all the rules and regulations so that everything I do is within the guidelines of the law.

Not only is James a Chartered Accountant, but he has a huge amount of experience and knowledge. So when he advises me on how to best structure my personal financial affairs, particularly around tax, I not only listen but really value his advice, feedback and opinion.

So when my tax refund was deposited into my bank account, I decided to use $1,000 of it and buy some more shares!



All photography by Grace Alyssa Kyo

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