So my fifteenth $1,000 has come from a variety of different sources of savings…it is definitely getting harder but each time I seem to have a breakthrough.

One of my biggest savings was actually an old dress….from doing the 30 Day Minimalism Game, I found an old dress that didn’t suit me anymore so I went to sell it on eBay. And in the meantime I had my eye on a new dress which I was going to layby….

But when I went to sell the dress on eBay, I had a second look at it and realised that if I cut out the shoulder pads and took the hem up, that it was actually quite a nice dress and would be perfect for the event that I have coming up. Which meant all the money that I had been saving for the new dress, (less alteration costs) I could put towards The $1,000 Project.

Plus, I had a special dinner that was booked in with some girlfriends, however it was cancelled last minute due to a few people being sick. So the money that I was going to spend on the dinner, I redirected to The $1,000 Project. Here is my summary….

$400 – dress savings less alteration costs – check out my “new and improved” dress on my Instagram account

$160 – Market Research work

$100 – cancelled dinner

$15 – Toll Dividend

$135 – eBay

$80 – Market Research work

$110 – Sold clothes to a girlfriend (I was going to put them on eBay but she begged for them)

I have just invested the $1,000 into some more Bank of Queensland stock thanks to my trusty Stock market research from Morningstar, so my estimated passive income is now up to $793 p.a. which means that I am 39.65% of the way towards my goal!


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