I have officially become obsessed with #the1000project! And I have always believed that energy flows where attention goes.

The more concentration I give towards showing people how to find money by thinking  outside of the box, the more support, opportunities and ideas the universe gives me…

My eleventh $1,000 was surprisingly easy this time, I was asked to assist working on a last minute project, however it had to be over the weekend. I happily took the project up as I knew that losing only one Saturday in order to help get me get one step towards achieving my goal, (to have the passive income up to $2,000 p.a. by July 2016 was worth it).

No great goals were achieved without a bit of hard work, sacrifice and pain. Fortunately this was a fun project to work on and Rocco got to help out as well.

To top me up to $1,000 I also sold some more clothes on eBay…however I have to be honest, my wardrobe is looking a little bare and I think I may need to consider buying some key pieces in the Boxing Day sales this year.

Anyway, I have purchased some more stock already and my estimated passive income according to my research is now $559 p.a. Check out The SugarMamma portfolio below….feeling super proud!


portfolio 3

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