The new SASS Financial/SugarMamma.TV office is currently under construction…such an exciting time as we take the business to the next level and work towards making Financial Planning more fun, fashionable and approachable.

To save $2,000 I chose to paint the ceiling myself, (well actually I had my parents and a few amazing friends help me). Whilst I was really proud of myself spending my evenings painting 5 layers of paint on the ceiling, each night for 4 nights in a row, I was absolutely exhausted…painting is a hard task, but I did have my favorite music to listen to which really helped when I was alone painting.

You can check out the SugarMamma Instagram account to see some pictures (my mother looks totally unimpressed)…

So being able to add $2,000 to the SugarMamma share portfolio was definitely worth the hard work…I have already invested the money and the portfolio has $9,000 invested now and the estimated passive income is up to $458 p.a. which is 22.9% of the way towards my goal of the passive income being $2,000 p.a.

So excited! Now to focus on my next $1,000!

But in the meantime you can see a quick snap shot of the portfolio below. As previously mentioned, do not copy what I buy! I do a lot of research before I buy each share and I have a high level of risk comfort when it comes to investing and I understand and accept medium term market volatility, which is positively correlated to my long term financial goals for growing passive income.




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