MOR Melbourne Trio

One of the key things in my life that helps keep me organised and in control (well as best I can) and reduces my risk of leaving things or losing things, is my MOR mesh pouch.

It holds my keys, diary, phone, wallet, lip gloss, pen and opal card…oh and of course my Byredo Tulip atomiser (AKA my signature scent). And because it is mesh, I can see what is inside it, and more importantly, what is missing.

Changing bags is quick and seamless as it is the perfect size to transition from my daily State of Escape tote to one of my treasured designer bags for any special evening functions. I rarely lose things or leave things behind, and I cannot credit my amazing memory or organisation skills, but I can thank this clever little pouch which helps my days run a little smoother and reduces my risk of a possible meltdown.

You can check them out here if interested….


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