Money Mindset

If you want to change your luck when it comes to money, you need to reconsider the way you think, feel and act in this world. Just like getting yourself fit and healthy, building financial wealth starts first with a positive motivation and desire.
It is generally accepted that you become what you think and plan. Studies have shown that those who constantly fill their heads with financial fears, continually attract financial difficulties, one after the other. This results in a multiplication of stresses and fears which we all know is not healthy. The golden rule is – You get more of what you focus on, good or bad.
Don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to financial responsibilities. Instead, start by thinking about what positive aspects you want to attract. Ask yourself what values would enter your world by having more money? For example having more financial awareness may bring you security, or it may bring you a sense of freedom or maybe it will give you more generosity. Focus on cultivating and managing this energy. These values already exist deep inside you and they are only going to get stronger by investing in your energy and allowing them to flourish.
Watch your internal conversations and change your language to a more positive and uplifting manner. Instead of saying “I am never going to able to afford my own home” to “I am so excited about buying my first home”. Then back it up with the corresponding positive actions.
Keep your motivation levels up and regularly remind yourself of what you want to achieve and what you are working towards. Some people use vision boards to expedite focus and reality. These are pieces of cardboard with key pictures or words that help trigger thoughts and feelings of what you want more of in your world. As you achieve those goals, make sure you replace them with new ones so that you continue to grow and evolve.
You will soon find your spirits are uplifted and a enjoy greater sense of direction as you learn more about what triggers your emotional motivation relating to your finances and use it to direct yourself more efficiently towards your financial goals.
Slowly you will start to notice things subtly changing and it will start small, such as a discount at the supermarket or simply finding a coin on the street. Take the time to acknowledge what you have created and most importantly appreciate it. Magic happens.
Learn to look back and see how far you have come and enjoy the journey – there are so many lessons for us all to learn. By saying “Wow, that was lucky!” acknowledge your gratitude and belief in your power to make things happen and see your luck and abundance increase!
So get cracking and shift those thoughts to an exciting direction to attract more richness into your life. Remember, it is the positive nature of your thoughts and deeds that will ultimately change and enrich the quality of your life.
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