Money Mantras

Do you have a money mantra? Something that you can repeat in your mind to help keep you focused, centred and calm, but with an element of financial self control and financial fulfilment?

If not, I highly recommend having one and it is easy to find one that works for you.

One of mine is “only buy what you love, value, use and appreciate”. This has stopped me dead in my tracks from buying excess “stuff”, diligently returning items to the shelves and racks in stores, and has made me realise when I just “like” something versus when I actually LOVE something.

Each time, the financial savings adds up, but also reducing the unnecessary clutter in my life. With the savings then redirected to either my mortgage, The $1000 Project or my own personal investment portfolio growing passive income. And I feel a sense of pride and self awareness as I discover things that I thought (or had convinced myself) that I needed, but actually could go without and would be perfectly fine. Or even realise that I already own a perfectly good substitute that will do the trick. This mantra is benefiting and improving not only my immediate financial situation but also my long term financial health and wellbeing.

Money is energy. The more money we have, the more energy we have. So if energy is a resource, we should use it wisely and with full mindfulness so that we can preserve it for when we really need it and for the important things, and honour and respect it in the meantime.

You are more than welcome to use my money mantra (actually I would be flattered) however if you want your own, here are a few that I discovered through Google, that you can use or tweak to your needs and money mindset goals…whether it be more financial abundance, greater self discipline or freedom.

Examples of money mantras you can adopt:

1. I am open to receiving financial abundance with ease, so that I am able to give back more to the world around me.
2. I naturally attract good fortune and spend it wisely.
3. The more money I save, the more choices I have and the more I can help others.
4. My finances improve beyond my dreams and I am so grateful.
5. I have a great relationship with money, which strengthens every day.

See how all these mantras are positive, present and focused on using the assumption that it is already happening to you? This is really important when it comes to affirmations that work, you need to know it is already working and benefiting you (even if you can’t quite see it yet) and of course respect and believe the mantra so that it will work for you. In the meantime, Rocco and I went to Luna Park this week, to hear about Telstra’s new #planschange plans, which allow you to adjust and change your mobile plan if and when you need to, such as adjusting internet data usage (like school holidays), adding sports packages and devices (such as a new iPad), discounted international calls plus many more. Perfectly aligned to my own money mantra of buy what you love, value, use and appreciate.


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