Money Hacks

Side Hustle Opportunities & Avenues To Save Money


Generating money outside of your income doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. There are a wide spectrum of platforms that enable you to quickly earn some easy cash! From market research, playing games, to mystery shopping, doing someone’s grocery shopping and even putting ads on your own lock screen – you will be surprised by the unique and creative options available. But beyond generating extra money, I also want to help you cut costs and maximise savings in your everyday life. There are hidden ways to score discounts, apps to help you stay on top on your finances and I want to bring all of this to light.

Each week I present effective and credible ways to earn extra money and also techniques to save money, boost cashflow and score major bargains!

2020: Make Extra Cash & Score Major Bargains

2021: Make Extra Cash & Score Major Bargains

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