Minimalism, Motherhood and Money – Not Your Average Book Launch!

Last Saturday I got to meet so many of you at the official book launch of Mindful Money in collaboration with The Grace Tales. It was such an exciting day for me because I got to hear your stories, your accomplishments and where your financial path is heading.

It was an honour and I am so inspired myself as to what you have achieved and how motivated and driven you are to raise your bar and strive for more. So thank you.

During the day, I shared with you my own story with financial empowerment, my thoughts on minimalism and even shared with you my challenges with postnatal depression. Whilst we were able to share snippets on social media, we had so many enquires about whether the event was recorded and if people could watch our event via a video link as they weren’t able to make it on the day.

Well due to popular demand, we have been able to make this happen for you. If you missed our event or came to our event and wanted to watch it again, please email to organise your digital access.


Photography: Emmy Etié  |  Hosted at: The Fashion Institute

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