Minimalism Mamma vs. Babies & Budgets

With 7 weeks to go until Baby Apple arrives, I am in serious nesting mode now. Getting my work in order to take some time off (well cut/slow down), getting any old baby clothes out, decluttering the house to make new space, even the family budget has had a detailed cleanse and review. I have even started packing my hospital bag!

And as much as my inner minimalist wants to take over, the reality is that we need to purchase items for this baby and for our own comfort and convenience as well as mental sanity.

With the exception of some of Rocco’s old baby clothes, I am pretty much starting out from scratch again. I didn’t think I would be able to have another baby, so I sold or gave away everything.

So now I am repurchasing everything again, prams, car seats, swaddles, bottles…etc. But this time I am armed not only with my financial savviness, but I am a consumer with a Minimalistic Mindset, as I discovered minimalism after having Rocco. (It was actually all the excessive baby stuff that lead me into minimalism).

Thinking carefully, researching items and coming up with as many ways to help take any financial pressure off the family budget and not clutter my home. And it is the little things that are actually really helping. So I have put together my list of Top 5 Baby and Budgeting tips to plan, prepare and pay for those baby essentials.

1. Multi-Functional Items

If I am going to buy something, it has to be multi-functional, or be able to last a while. Those beautiful swinging baby baskets will realistically only last a few months, so I have opted with a portable crib that will last over 6 months and can be safely tilted if this baby has reflux like Rocco did. The same with the pram, it covers newborns through the bassinet and then converts into light weight stroller, and connects with a car seat for minimal disruption, but also doubles as a highchair.

2. Pre-loved

I am a big fan of the second hand economy, and am blown away but not only how much you can save by checking websites such as eBay, Gumtree and some of your local Buy, Sell, Swap groups on Facebook, but so much is brand new, never used. Once baby Apple outgrows the portable crib, I will be buying a second hand ikea crib from Gumtree for less than $100. Not only saving money, but reducing my impact on the environment. For special clothing, I am heading over to Retykle – only holding out because I don’t know the sex yet!

3. Cashrewards

Any purchases that I am making, including pre-ordering nappies, baby bottles, swaddles etc, I am doing so through my Cashrewards membership. Since joining, I have already earned over $230, plus they have a great selection of baby and kids stores, including Cotton On, David Jones, The Baby Gift Company, Cherub Bbay, Baby, Toddler Town, Woolworths and more. It is absolutely free to join and the run regular promotions where you get even more cashback, plus more coupon codes.

4. Borrow And Rent

My home is quite small and with minimal storage. So anything that I can borrow or rent, suits me to a tee. Ask any of your girlfriends if they have any items that you know that you will only need for a short period of time, if you can borrow them. If not, look into renting items. Websites such as Hire For Baby can provide you with breast pumps, car seats, prams etc, and you can actually earn cashback with this website through joining Cashrewards.

5. Just In Time

As tempting as it to buy “absolutely everything” and cover myself for the next 12 months, I am resisting this and will buy things as I need them. As I am sure that I don’t quite need as many items as I think or will improvise with what I already have. Plus I don’t know how quickly this baby may grow or what it needs, so I need to wait and get things if and when I need them, not because I think I might need them. Seeing how many “brand new never been used” items are for sale on the second hand economy proves this. And the reality is, everything I can buy online and be delivered to my doorstep, but also it softens the blow to the family budget by spreading some of these purchases out.  

So if you are thinking about starting a family, are pregnant, or just had a baby or another baby, I really hope this helps take the financial pressure off and allow you the breathing space for yourself. And perhaps some of those new found savings can be used to treat you with something special, afterall, happy mamma, happy bubba.


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