Minimalism & Capsule Jewellery Collections

For me, jewellery is something highly personal and each piece carries a different story. I don’t own much jewellery but what I do have, I absolutely love and works with all my outfits, for all occasions.

My collection definitely follows a capsule philosophy and putting on my special pieces each morning, is a pleasurable experience, adding the important finishing touches before I begin my day.

Whilst it is a small collection, I own enough pieces to cover my moods, there are days that I want to wear a delicate necklace with an interesting pendant whilst others might be a bold statement necklace. However, the one trend that you can see if you were to peep inside my jewellery box would be is that each piece is classic.

So here are my tips to building a Capsule Jewellery collection so that you can get great wear out of your pieces, work with your style and needs and make your outfit come together elegantly.


  1. A delicate necklace – find a delicate gold chain, that is fine enough but strong enough to hold a pendant. Check the length on how it sits around your neckline and how the shade of metal works with your skin tone. It should look like it floats around your neck. Pick a pendant that has a meaning or history behind it. Maybe a lucky charm, maybe a symbol of protection – something that resonates with you.
  2. A bold ring – something with a thick band, that can be worn on its own and simply be enough for your whole outfit. This look is my classic minimalism go to piece. So chic, so simple yet so elegant. If possible, go for a bold thick ring with some diamonds to add an extra special touch to shine.
  3. A Brooch – I feel like people forget about wearing brooches these days. But a classic intricate broach strategically positioned on the lapel of a winter coat, a fluffy jumper or even a leather jacket can create a signature style that you can uniquely claim as your own. Look for classic shapes with pearls or diamonds so that they work with most colours, clothes and fabrics.
  4. A Swiss Watch – nothing looks so striking as a bold watch when you wear neutral colours. It pops to make its presence known and needs no other pieces to take its attention away. Consider a well made Swiss watch with a coloured leather strap in your favourite colour.
  5. A Cocktail Ring – This is the type that you can wear for special occasions that catches everyone’s eye but also can be worn with a simple pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt to add a special touch, elevating your outfit. Look for large pearls, backed by diamonds but in classic style.


The final but essential addition to your collection should be a simple pair of diamond stud earrings, they will work beautifully complement each piece above, and leave you feeling like you have the perfect jewellery collection, always looking feminine, chic and elegant.

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