Manifesting March Has Begun

Many people assume I am frugal. And whilst this is partly true, I believe being “mindful” is more aligned with my money philosophy. Mindful in the way that I save, invest and spend. I will never compromise on my values of quality, longevity, versatility and as a special treat, luxury. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect with money. There are times I slip up and get distracted with temptations, but because I am more mindful than frugal, fortunately this doesn’t happen too often! If it does happen, any financial damage is swiftly remedied as I have a growth mindset and strive to gain insight on how to improve!

The one financial challenge that I never dread is Manifesting March. This is a fun financial challenge where we open ourselves up to the “flow of money”. I call this challenge an ‘expander’, as it motivates you to look beyond your circumstances and see how much power you hold in shaping the trajectory of your life.  You realise your thoughts, language and actions all play a decisive factor in building personal fortune.

Bear with me, I promise I am not going all kumbaya on you…

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you are in a powerful zone, where great things just keep flowing towards you? Like luck is on your side and blessings naturally gravitate towards you like a magnet? It could be winning a competition, scoring a bargain or being promoted.

Well Manifesting March is about welcoming that financial magnet in your own life. But welcoming is the key word here. Not demanding or expecting financial blessings, but opening ourselves (and our bank accounts) to opportunities around us to save money, earn money, find money, win money and even manifest money.

Every time the universe delivers, no matter how big or small, we acknowledge it, appreciate it and transfer this financial blessing into a separate savings account. There, it can safely remain untouched throughout the month, whilst we continue to welcome more abundance.

By no means am I suggesting that we sit on a yoga mat under a tree and expect cash to fall from the sky, so we obviously need to take action to activate opportunities. This includes registering with market research companies, selling items on the second hand economy, asking for a promotion, looking for jobs on the digital/gig economy etc.

However, unlike Frugal February, which (to a certain degree), comes from a place of scarcity and deprivation, Manifesting March embodies limitless opportunities, gratitude, respect and most of all, growth.

Previously when I have done Manifesting March (which you can watch in my past VLOGs here), I have received tax refunds, gotten a payrise and even landed my first book deal after a bidding war between two of the biggest publishers in the world, all when doing Manifesting March.

Each day, I am sharing my windfalls, both big and small on @SugarMammaTV through my IG stories. Every time Manifesting Magic happens, take a photo, tag @SugarMammaTV and #ManifestingMarch. I will then share the magic with my community! I am thrilled at the amount of people who have already plunged into this challenge! One lady even messaged me to tell me she was getting a $2,000 refund! If you are joining me, remember to watch this IGTV for some inspiration.

And remember, energy is contagious, so Manifesting March is worth catching.


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