Mane Matters Inc Raffles For Drought Relief

Giving back has always been a huge part of The $1000 Project and it is the reason why I continue to support charities. I truly believe financial wealth is not just about building for ourselves, it is also using what we have in abundance to support and give back to the community.

Tom & I have decided to support & donate to Mane Matter's Herd of Ponies in schools. They are one of many smaller charities that are overlooked among larger non-profits who often have bigger budgets to promote their cause. We love that Mane Matters is helping young people and children in schools build important life skills such as resilience, confidence, communication and awareness of mental health.

The horsemanship program not only helps kids build life skills, Mane Matters' rescue horses and ponies are also getting love. Many of the inspiring recovery stories of these rescue horses are shared with the children to enrich them and help them build connections with these animals.

Due to the extenuating drought (Mane Matters is situated in Warwich QLD) the cost of feeding, transportation and carting of water for the herd has been grealy affected. Since Mane Matters is a non-profit offering their Herd of Ponies program free in schools, this raffle initiative is seeking support from the community to keep this amazing program running.

How you can help:

2. Donate to the cause. If you'd like to donate to Mane Matters send us an email at to organise a bank transfer.

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