Long term investing in beauty and youth

Many people ask me what my personal investment strategy is, and my answer is always the same, long-term buy and hold quality investments. Even if some claim that the stocks in my portfolio are too expensive and overvalued, I am not phased by these comments. Instead, I am confident that in the long run I will look back and know they were wise and worthy investments for my goals.

Moreover, I take the same approach when it comes to my beauty, skin care regime and handbags.

It is essential for me to invest in quality anti-aging proven, proactive skincare and treatments.

Investing in quality and proven proactive skincare and treatments when it comes to anti-aging for me, is important. If I take care of my skin, get good advice (and follow that advice), the long-term benefits will help make my skin shine and extend the youth of my skin for as long as possible.

After years of contraception and then numerous IVF treatments mixed in with my outdoor lifestyle, I needed to up the ante on my skincare regime and treatments.

Not only did I have freckles and pigmentation, but I also had a large and deep burn on my right temple from my beloved curling wand. Plus I had scars from my younger years of, and that leathery glaze was starting to wash over my skin. I needed to take action now before it got worse.

Previously I had experimented with lasers, which by early summer always dampened my investment returns with my pigmentation and freckles resurfacing. I needed something more effective and efficient. So after my investment research process and valued guidance from skincare expert Douglas Pereira, I agreed that I needed something that penetrated deeper within the cells. So the right investment into my skin was a Mosoestetic Cosmelan Peel.

Cosmelan is a professional depigmentation method which not only reduces and removes pigmentation but also helps regulate the overproduction of melanin, which controls and inhibits the appearance of new dark spots in the long term. Exactly what I needed.

Douglas prepared my skin and then applied a hazelnut coloured facemask, which remained on my skin for ten years. Washed off in the shower, I then proceeded to use the take home care kit of beauty products (it is imperative that you use these products).

Day 1 my skin was warm, red and slightly swollen. However, nothing that could not be covered up with makeup. Although I preferred to keep my face clean for the next few days to give it a chance to breathe and I only applied makeup when I had client meetings. Nothing hurt, just felt warm and a little wind burnt.

By Days 2-4 the redness had reduced substantially, and my skin was starting to peel. I cannot tell you how fascinating this was. As large flakes of skin gently fell away, I could see the most incredible fresh and supple skin come forward that was smooth to the touch.

I continued with the aftercare treatment, and each day my skin continued to improve, with waves of peeling and redness with the occasional tightness. However every day I had comments from people about the appearance of my skin. While it may have been at times slightly pinkish, it was smooth looking, an even complexion and hydrated. I now understood what the term “illuminated” meant and looked like.

By day 15 my skin took on a whole new level of fresh and I was glowing on the inside. I felt so much more confident, I didn’t feel like I needed to wear foundation and it felt like velvet to touch. I chose to progress on with the take-home skincare all the way to day 30, and by far it has been the best investment in my skin that I have ever made.

Before you dive in yourself, here are my top 5 tips:

1. Book in early in the week if you have weekend plans.

2. If it is the middle of summer, buy a handheld fan or get an icepack

3. Don’t wear black when your skin is shedding

4. Definitely only use the take-home skincare pack – it will dramatically improve the results further (so much so that I will be sad when the take-home care pack runs out)

5. If you can, give yourself make up free days to allow your skin to heel

Please feel free to share and ask Douglas Pereira if you have any questions, he is the only skin expert that I would trust.


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