Mothers day recomendations

  1.  Paper Flowers from HanamiPaperCo
  2. Atelier x Grace MAMA Crew
  3. Floral Reed Diffuser From Forscent
  4. Glasshouse Casablanca triple scented Candle
  5. Bella Freud Parfum Loving scented candle
  6. Versace Dylan blue Perfume
  7. Writers Loose Leaf tea from Literary TeaCo
  8. Help with folding the Laundry. Not to mention the extra brownie points you can get if you put it all away also!
  9. Time- Spend the day together or a few hours even. Hugs and some kisses don’t go astray either.
  10. Breakfast in bed! This May be the best thing that a mum could get for mothers day! Not having to get up and put everyone else needs first is the ‘dream’ mothers all have. To have alone time and not have to plan or think about others. So why not make an entire day of it?

Fun Money Saving Charts For Your $1000 Project


Saving money doesn’t have to be boring, restrictive or dull. When you adjust your mindset and attitude, it can be really fun, especially when you get the whole family involved or make a challenge between yourself and a friend. The trick is to have a great goal behind your savings, so that you really want to win. And your goal is completely up to you, you could make your $1000 to finally pay off an old perky credit card debt, kick start your deposit for your first home, or even lifestyle things like a new work wardrobe, holiday or maybe even a new designer handbag. Just have fun and enjoy the process and realise how easy this is!

Also, if you really love this idea, you should definitely grab a copy of my book, The $1000 Project as I share HEAPS of other ideas as well as other hacks and steps so that you are supercharged for success! The $1000 Project has changed 1000s of peoples financial lives and you can buy my book here:

Here are the money saving charts for you to print off and get started! A massive thank you @thebudgetingkiwihousewife for sharing this on Instagram!






My 20th $1000 was so slow to accumulate but came to its finale simultaneously with a nice little additional bounty of $2,000, which went towards my 20th, 21st and 22nd $1000. This meant that I finished the month of December with a total $3,000 to invest in one hit rather than 2 parcels (one $1000 parcel and one $2000 parcel). How did I do this? Well…get comfortable. I did online surveys, I sold some clothes on eBay and High End, I had some frugal weekends staying at home, I worked on the weekends, I did market research, I took my lunch to work, I cooked budget friendly meals for Rocco and I. $20 savings, here, $10 savings there and then $60 market research, $20 online surveys, it slowly added up to $1000.

Then I got to rent my house out at a premium. Fortunately it was only for a few days and was whilst Rocco and I were away, but this gave me another $2,000 which was a much appreciated boost to help me catch up. This is very rare, but a young mother was in a situation and needed a certain type of accommodation and wanted to bring her dog. My house is pet friendly so I was happy to help her out.

So excited to see $3,000 sitting in my dedicated $1000 Project Savings Account, I research a few different options and investments for my portfolio and instead of diversifying, I noticed that one of my ETFs was trading at a 12% discount. Whilst this may freak some investors out, this actually excites me and seeing the huge discount and potential long term capital growth opportunity matched within my passive income goals, I quickly ceased the moment and purchased more units in the geared ETF of Australian shares GEAR. This now brings my estimated passive income up to $4,565 p.a. which is 65% of my goal.

Definitely still way behind my goal of $7,000 by the beginning of March 2019, however I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I have been working on, and I cannot wait to share with you early next year. These are new things that I haven’t done before, so stay tuned!