Lavendaire: Life is an Art, make it your Masterpiece.

Aileeh Xu, the brains behind Lavendaire, is a lifestyle blogger who aims to encapsulate the journey of creating and living the life you dream of. Through personal growth, dreams and a constant love for learning, Lavendaire sits down with Sugarmamma.TV to share her insights and perspective on topics she is passionate about.

Q: What triggered you to look into your personal growth and then share your experiences on YouTube?

A: I started diving into reading self – help books in college when I was have a “lost/WTF will I do with my life” moment. I was studying business and had tried seven different internships in “fun” areas of business like marketing, entertainment, event planning and social media, but still, none of them appealed to me. Deep down, I knew that I didn’t want to work a normal 9 – 5 corporate job – I wanted to live a creative lifestyle where I could have more freedom to work in my own time. I just didn’t know how I could make that happen. After I graduated, I decided not to get a prestigious corporate job like most of my peers, but rather start exploring all the creative paths that I was interested in: I pursued music, acting and hosting, while working for a start – up food festival.

Over the next few years, I performed a tonne of shows, released an album and produced and acted in a few short films, became the head of content at my food festival job, where I got to hire my own video team. I was also constantly learning, reading and journaling about my personal growth. Eventually, I realised that pursuing my creativity taught me so much about how you can meticulously create your dream like – I just know that I had to share all these lessons with others. I had already been sharing my music on YouTube since high school, so I was very comfortable and involved in the world of YouTube. One of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make was to step back from music to put all my energy into sharing content on personal growth and lifestyle design. I basically did a total rebrand and chose a new name with a new channel, thus Lavendaire was born.

Q: How did you find out about Minimalism?

A: At first, I heard of the term and concept when reading the book ‘Start Something That Matters’ by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS Shoes. He talked about how he sold most of everything he owned to live on a boat with very little possessions. I thought it was wild – especially for a guy who is CEO of such a huge brand and company. From then on, the concept of buying less and experiencing more appealed to me more and more and I started experimenting with ways I could apply Minimalism to my life. Then, I read ‘The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo and my world was changed forever. I tidied through all my things (in 5 categories: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and mementos) in about 6 months and it felt like a major clean out of my life. Everything has shifted since then. I also made a series of videos on my KonMari journey on YouTube, which led to some amazing opportunities.

Q: What makes you jump out of bed every morning?

A: The fact that I get to write morning pages, which is basically 3 pages of stream – of – consciousness, writing in my journal every morning. I don’t get to write every morning, but when I have time to, I absolutely love it. It is my favourite way to express myself and really connect with my soul and intuition. I learn more about myself everyday through writing morning pages.

Q: What video are you most proud of?

A: I have a handful of favourites but I’d have to say the video I am most proud of is the one called ‘define: artist of life’ It’s meant to be a trailer for Artist of Life, a new series on my channel where I interview inspiring people who are creating their dream life. I put together visuals from the first episode featuring my fashion photography friend and paired them with words I wrote a year ago on what it means to be an artist of life. I feel like it truly reflects my channel in visual tone and content – it feels airy, dreamy and inspirational, and the words describe the “artist of life” – something I push everyone in my audience to be. My channel’s motto is “Life is art. Make it your Masterpiece” and so we are all artists of life. The journey to becoming a master artist of life is about honing your skills, discovering your unique style and creating a masterpiece out of your life.

Q: What are your goals and mission behind your YouTube channel?

A: I aim to create meaningful content that will empower others to be true to themselves and boldly create their dream life. The goal is to create a space for high quality, beautiful and stunning visuals with relatable, real empowering content. I want Lavendaire to be a place where you feel elevated and inspired to make real and positive change in your life.


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