Kindness & Compassion

With the International Day of the Girl approaching on the 11th of October, comes the reminder that Round 5 of The $1000 Project is concluding for me. This year has been challenging for me. I started in October 2019, when Apple was only 3 months old. I battled sleep deprivation and operated off a swinging combination of coffee and adrenaline. 

In hindsight, I should have delayed my start date, but I was so excited to work with World Vision’s 1000 Girl Project. This time, World Vision had given me a small town in Myanmar (formerly Burma) to nurture! The passive income from The $1000 Project, would go towards reducing poverty and increasing educational opportunities for girls in the region.

As soon as Round 5 begun, I hit the ground running. I brainstormed as many money-making ideas as possible. But most importantly, I set myself smaller tasks, that would help me achieve my ultimate financial goal. I worked weekends, sold unused items, made the most of my loyalty programs and left no stone unturned. However, I faced some road blocks… 

Firstly, I found that I no longer qualified for as much Market Research work. This was because my media work-flow had increased, which immediately removed me as an eligible candidate, from my usual flow of opportunities. Also, with a new born baby, I could no longer rent my home out on Air BNB.

Then, my ability to work early mornings and take on extra weekend-work evaporated, due to time constraints and my exhausted braincells. Additionally, I had new child care expenses which made my budget tighter. Not to mention the financial impact of COVID-19 on my business.

So far I have hustled $10,000 since October, and my gross passive income for the portfolio is just under $7,000 p.a. I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself considering the previous rounds have been between $28,000-$38,000. However, I realised that beating myself up will serve no real purpose. It’s like drinking poison — you suffer damaging consequences and nothing productive actually occurs. 

Instead, I am going to be kind and show self-compassion, knowing that the financial journey is not always a smooth and straight highway, but more like the fluctuating movement of the ocean. Sometimes there are gentle waves with clear blue skies, sometimes there are frightening storms where we get tossed around, struggling to keep our heads above water and sometimes there is serene calm, a perfect way to recharge our batteries. The more time we spend in the ocean, working with these different waves, the better we get at learning how to surf them. 

So at the end of the day, The $1000 Project is about getting into the water and having a go, trying your best to learn how to surf the waves, adapting to new types of waves, and most importantly, being grateful for the opportunities and progress that you make, no matter how big or small that wave is. When you reflect back on your life, you will realise that every step, even the ones you thought were insignificant, played a role in pushing you towards your destination. 

I will give Round 5 one last hurrah between now and the 11th of October, but whatever passive income I end with, I can put my hand on my heart knowing that I have done the best I can do within my situation.

Every dollar has had a powerful cumulative effects on The $1000 Project. Think about it: if you saved an additional $1 a day for a year, that’s an extra $365! Similarly, every dollar will make a significant impact in Myanmar and contribute to a brighter future for the little girls. 


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