IVF again? A new beginning for my Channel…

The past three months have been a whirlwind journey — with some major milestones, changes and surprises sprinkled along. We moved houses, I launched a podcast, undertook further financial planning courses, and we are preparing to embark on a new IVF journey! I will be sharing this process soon, so stay tuned.

As a result, my Youtube channel isn’t as balanced as I would like — recently there has been a stronger focus on financial videos, with lifestyle content taking a backseat. I have missed creating a wider spectrum of content, including capsule wardrobe fashion, beauty and minimalism. 

But things are winding down and I’m slowly finding my rhythm and balance again. I promise my YouTube channel will be back to normal and as a bonus, I will also include hacks to maintain work-life balance. I am still in the process of fine-tuning these techniques, by testing their effectiveness in my own life!

With some surprising changes in store, make sure that you are not only subscribed to my YouTube channel, but also that notification bell is switched on, so you don’t miss out on any special announcements and fresh videos.

And of course, you are always welcome to share any of my videos with family and friends who may be tackling financial challenges. I am really passionate about helping as many people as possible, so when you share my content, it motivates me to keep going!

On that note, I am also sharing more inside my home and heart, through my personal Instagram account @cannasass. Last weekend, I took everyone on a summer dress shopping adventure and shared the frugal family fun we got up to over the weekend. This account is a no-holds-barred, funnier and candid peek into my crazy life! Our beautiful community is like a family to me, and I want to share my highs and lows in a real and raw way.

This week’s video is the first minimalism/ lifestyle video I have produced in a while! I reveal my updated makeup routine (incorporating as many vegan, cruelty free products as possible), to look fresh and natural effortlessly. If you enjoy this type of video, please let me know and I will create more beauty-style content! Just leave me a comment in the video with your suggestions and in the meantime, have a lovely weekend.


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