Investing In Minimalism with Apple

Today Apple is 3 weeks old. And I feel like I am getting to know her and her little likes and dislikes every day. It is a slow process but a special one. And I am trying to be as present as possible as we spend these precious newborn moments together, feeding, cuddling, touching and staring, whilst also still connecting and checking in with Rocco (who is now 6 years old) and his growing needs as well as being a supportive and understanding partner to Tom, who has just hit his busiest time of the year for work.

And like many people, especially new mothers, at times I can feel overwhelmed with anxiety. The worry that you aren’t doing a good enough job, the fear of something bad is going to happen, the stress that you are “doing it wrong” and not juggling things well enough. Throw in some sleep deprivation, a few crazy hormones and a busy family schedule and the likelihood of witnessing me have a meltdown in my house is looking good.

But amongst trying to eat the right foods, getting fresh air, going to bed early and trying to be kind to myself etc, my continued investment in minimalism throughout this newborn stage is helping manage these feelings and helping ensure less of these meltdowns or meltdowns that I can catch or recover from quickly.

Seeing that what I have in my home, are things that I use, things that I love to look at, things that I genuinely value and of course things that I appreciate, helps dramatically with this anxiety. Being able to finding things quickly helps me feel in control, knowing where to put things away where they belong (often one handled whilst carrying Apple) builds a sense of order, seeing space around my home helps me not only clean my home faster but keep it looking tidy. And knowing that because I have less, less stuff to look after, staying on top of things, such as the washing that can only pile up so high, makes me feel responsible.

For me, these are just some of the many benefits of minimalism, but benefits that are so valuable and important to me, at such an intense period of time in my life. So making the effort to invest in minimalism is helping curb my anxiety and straighten my emotional regulation, removing the blocks and noise in my head and home so that I can focus on these special moments with clarity and a sense of calm in a busy world.


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