Investing in memories

When people lose their homes due to natural disasters, one of the biggest things that they mourn is the destroyed photographs. Not the clothes, furniture or expensive jewellery…but the valuable and treasured memories captured in a split second through a lense. Looking at a photograph from a special moment can take us back in time and uplift our feelings and mood. Having a nice photo, capturing the moment, the emotion and energy can sometimes be one of your most valuable investments.

I am lucky enough to work with Grace Alyssa Kyo from Besotted Grace  to shoot my images for the SugarMamma website and Instagram page. So I have an electronic library of the most incredible images that Grace has taken of me, my staff and of course, Rocco and the dogs. Being electronic, I know that I can never loose these…they will remain forever. And Grace has the most incredible eye and knows exactly how to capture that authentic moment. I am so grateful to have meet Grace but also work along side her and call her my friend.

This year I am sticking to my minimalism theme around gifts, which is the gift of experience, however for my parents, I will be giving them a photograph of their grandson. Something that they can place in their home and see every day. If you are thinking about getting some professional images taken, have a look at Grace’s talent here.



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