Introducing my new friend….Voome

So recently I took a week off work to go skiing in Queenstown. And as you do, you treat yourself! You are on holiday right!?!

So you say yes to the extra glass of wine (or rather mulled wine), yes to dessert (and I said yes every night!) and yes to the cheeseboard with that afternoon glass of wine.

Plus, I had the extra justification in my mind telling myself that it was okay, I have been skiing all day and needed to replenish my calories that I had been burning off all day. Hmm…

However that theory didn’t prove to be wise when I arrived back home. I felt gross. I knew that I had put on a bit of weight which was fine, but I felt disgusting inside. I felt lethargic, dirty and full of toxins. Then the confrontation hit me when I faced the cold hard truth…the bathroom scales confirmed everything.

Now I am definitely not the type of girl that obsesses about her weight, and sadly not because I can say that I am not that vain, but simply because I am too busy to be that vain. I have limited time to exercise and limited brain power and energy when it comes to cooking dinner at night time.

But enter my new friend Voome.

Voome is a fitness and nutrition website designed by the same experts that created Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT Challenge. And what I love about this website is that it doesn’t waste my time going over the basic boring information that we already know about being fit and healthy. But instead focuses on providing extra support and information for maintaining your health or even taking it to the next level. They go straight to the point.

So essentially, super convenient and efficient. Just the way I like it. Plus for those days where I don’t have time to hit the gym in my normal lunch break, they have a wide range of exercise videos for me to follow at home or well pretty much everywhere….actually now that I think about it, it is kind of like taking your own nutritionist and personal trainer with you everywhere. But without the outrageous price tag.

The recipes in the Voome Meal Planner are delicious, easy to follow and even include practical tips like how to include your children in the cooking process….Rocco is loving this new dinner time bonding experience. It is my new go to cookbook…

And whilst I love this website just for how helpful, inspiring and efficient it is, it is also excellent value for money at only $6.99 per week. Which for me, being the financial nerd that I am, I am actually saving more money through eating better meals (less expensive and junky snacks) and getting more out of my workouts so that I don’t have to spend as much time in the gym through better quality workouts. I am winning on every level!

I can proudly say that those holiday kilos have slimmed off, I am back into my healthy eating food habits again and I am feeling great inside, which is what counts the most to me. And yes, I have still kept that cheeky glass of wine going, after all it is all about a healthy and happy balance!


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