How To Declutter Kids Toys

Is your living room consumed by kids toys and you cannot see where one room ends or begins? I want you to realise, that there is always a reason for clutter and you have to come to terms with it. Getting rid of items is not an easy process, especially around children’s toys and memories associated with these. But you need to get rid of the stuff that does not reflect where you are in life right now. Also stop living in the future and keeping toys, because you might have another baby or your current children may want that toy again. This just causes heartache and stress, for not only yourself, but your entire family.

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1. Observe

You need to start observing what your children are playing with. Do they play with the same toys everyday? Are they more connected to one type of toy then another? Each toy should add value to your child and enhance their play.

2. Reflect

Think about how all of these toys, got into your house in the first place? It can be very easy to start discarding toys, but keeping a limit on the toys, will be the hard part. Reflecting on how you buy your kids toys is necessary to make a change. Even how they receive toys from others, needs to be reviewed and possibly renegotiated into an experience or go towards payment for an activity they enjoy.

3. Arrange

Can your children reach all of their toys? Are they stored in high places or in very deep chests? Our children’s toys should be accessible and stored on open shelving.

4. Select

My suggestion is to have toys that can be played with in multiple ways, like LEGO. Having open ended toys, means your child’s imagination is taken to a whole new level, every time they bring out that bucket.

5. Detox

After observing your child at play, it might be time to remove some of their toys. This will mean they can play with other items and use their imagination in new ways. Children need toys, that are also age appropriate and progress along with them.

6. Simplify Your Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe so crowded, the light cannot see through, do you have loads of clothes in your wardrobe but still cannot find anything to wear in the morning? Do you stand at your wardrobe wishing your clothes were more appealing? Do you just grab the nearest thing and hope no one will notice the tear at the bottom, as it is black anyway! Simplify your wardrobe by removing anything that doesn’t fit, is damaged or worn out and that you do not love to wear. Find the colours you love to wear and stick with them, create a capsule wardrobe for yourself.

Top Tip

My suggestion is two tubs per child, is a reasonable limit. By creating clear limits with kids e.g. having a basket or a bucket that they can fill to the top, means they have boundaries around how much they can own and play with. Then there will be no toys on the ground. This will create less clutter and freedom, for the space to be used appropriately and not scattered with unused toys. Children can also feel stressed, with a room of clutter and too many choices. So start creating a toy space that is practical, imaginative and creative.

When you hold your next child’s birthday party, think about doing a swap party. Invite 10 children and ask them to bring a book each from their collection. You will then provide 10 books, from your own collection, that each child can swap with. They end up with a new book to read and your child gets 10 new books to discover. This not only saves the invited parent from buying a present, that may not even be liked, but creates a zero waste life.

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