How Investing A Little Time Can Help Make A Big Difference

Seeing people work on their financial goals (as well as other goals), really makes me proud. Stepping up and taking ownership and responsibility for your financial situation and financial direction is a powerful step, with many insights, growth and abundance to be created for yourself and for your loved ones.

But often when people are busy working on their short terms goals, such as paying off credit card debt, student debt or even saving for a big items such as a deposit on a home, they forget about the long term goals which need just as much attention and care.

In particular, superannuation is one of the most neglected areas. And the long term impact of forgetting about your superannuation could result in you missing out on huge investment opportunities or unwanted risks by not making sure that your superannuation is set up correctly in the first place.

So this week’s Money Monday video shows you why you need to take care of your super right now, what the potential impact of not taking care of your super and then most importantly, how to take care of your super. It really is so simple and so quick to do, so do it today.

Also Virgin Money, who very kindly sponsored this video, have superannuation products available to all Australians. Their fees are some of the lowest in the market, they have a range of investment options to suit everyone and they even have Help Centre for general advice, so if you get stuck, you can speak with a consultant who can help guide you. Plus everything can be done online, including consolidating your super accounts, so no paperwork is needed!

So do yourself a huge favour which you will never regret, and invest the time in checking your super, giving it some love and stay tuned as I have more videos around superannuation coming up!



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