Men from the mice…people from the pimples…my promise to you…

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy" - Martin Luther King Jr...

There is no doubt that this is a frightening time for everyone. We are in uncharted waters with information and advice changing by the hour. Everyone’s lives have changed no matter where you are in the world and for once we are all united in wanting to combat this virus and stop it in its tracks. 

When the good times are rolling it is so easy to be strong, empowering and helpful. You can positively answer peoples questions, you can be a shoulder to cry on, you have the time and energy. However it is during the tough times that you see peoples real strength, the men from the mice…or if I am going to be creatively and politically correct, “the people from the pimples”.

I launched my Financial Planning business, SASS Financial only a few months before the GFC begun. It was the worst time to start a Financial Planning business, especially on your own after resigning from a “safe and secure” job at a large Australian bank. 

However, I persevered. I pushed on and through the GFC because I believed in my advice, my message and my philosophy and knew that this would pass with light at the end of the tunnel. I continued to help people with their financial goals, I continued to invest in my own portfolio even though it was falling, I remained strong and determined to keep going. 

And yes, right now, I am worried. I am worried about the people. The people who don’t have enough emergency money, the people who are in debt and may end up being deeper in debt. I worry about the impact on small businesses which are the backbone of so many countries. I worry about the elderly and vulnerable that are unfairly compromised or even worse, taken away from us too early. I worry about our healthcare system not being able to cope and having enough equipment and the staff risking their own lives and families lives treating the sick. I worry about the damage and contagious energy of people who are panicking by doing things such as stock piling and taking money out of their bank accounts. 

The sharemarket…? No, not at all. History shows that human endeavour always prevails. Look back over 15-120 years worth of data for the global sharemarkets and the trend line is unequivocally upwards. Secondly, income hasn’t changed. So if your portfolio is worth $1,000,000 or $500,000 and it is still paying you $50,000 p.a. which you live off for your own financial freedom, it really doesn’t impact you financially as you never need to touch the capital. 

So I promise to be your person amongst the pimples. I will not go quiet during these frightening times, I will not deviate or adjust my message or advice, I will not hide away. Instead I will be louder…much louder. 

I am creating even more YouTube and IGTV videos for to watch during these stressful times. Videos around managing your cashflow and budgeting, videos to help you save, videos to ensure that you get out of debt as quickly as possible and of course videos on how to start investing and continue investing in long term growing passive income streams.

Know that you can rely on me right now for your financial worries. Know that you can ask questions by either writing them in my YouTube video comments or asking them on my IG and IGTV posts…I will answer you back I promise. Just make sure you comment on the post or page so that others can read my advice and guidance as well. Know that just like all pimples, they do fade away. 



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