Heron Heaven

Last weekend I was very lucky to be able to visit Heron Island for a much needed rest and recharge. In my video, How to stay healthy, sane and organised, one of my tips for staying sane was spending time around nature. Whether we live near a city or a remote town, it is hard to avoid distractions, consumerism and materialism. Especially with the explosion of digital media, social media and electronic devices that challenge us to get one simple task done.

Heron Island was the perfect opportunity to escape all of this. Located in Queensland, on the Great Barrier Reef, this Island pretty much has no phone or internet service (okay well there is one pay phone and the satelite only works on a clear day and the sign is so weak, you can’t even download emails)….so essentially you are cut off from the world whilst there. Heaven.

Not only is this Island absolutely beautiful with crystal clear water and white sand but the range of sealife is incredible. Whilst snorkeling I saw Manta Rays, Sting Rays, Sharks and best of all Turtles…lots of them and in their natural habitat where they belong.

Getting away from everything and everyone allowed me take stock of how precious our planet is, how amazing mother nature is and our much needed disconnection with noise to spend time working on our own mindfulness and self reflection and growth.

If you get the opportunity to go to Heron Island, I highly recommend it and here are my top 10 tips to make your stay even better…

  • Pack snacks and wine – there is only 1 restaurant and bar and they are quite expensive, with a limitted selection.
  • Avoid school holidays if possible, it gets packed!
  • Children who are old enough to swim and snorkle will love this place
  • Accommodation is simple yet comfortable
  • Try and bring your own equipment so that you can snorkle on the day that you arrive there as the Dive shop closes in the early afternoon
  • Turtle nesting seasons starts in November and goes for 3 months – I lost count of how many incredible turtles I saw nesting!
  • Pack lightly, this is a very laid back destination – I lived in a bikini and sarong…no make up needed!
  • Be prepared to cut yourself off from the digital world
  • Pack seasick tablets for the 2 hour boat ride to the island – or catch the seaplane is budget permits
  • Take to boat trips to the variety of different reefs around the island, each one is very different

Would I go back to this place? In a heartbeat….check out my Instagram account for more photos.


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