Heavy Duty & Double Duty Groundwork

My days are super busy, I am up early and the only time I do my make up (rushing) in the morning…I wish I was one of those diligent people who think to refresh their make up during the day, but to be honest, I am lucky if I remember to retouch my lip balm during the day.

Recently I had my make up done professionally for a Sleepmaker/Grace Tales Collaboration and the make up artist used the most amazing, long wearing eye paint on me. It lasted so long that I didn’t need to retouch my make up for a black tie event that I had later that evening.

So impressed with the fact that my eyeshadow was not only firmly sitting on my eyelids and had not drifted down under my eyes, (a common issue I face as I become more exhausted through the day), I felt that this little pot of heavy duty eyeshadow was definitely worth a spot in my somewhat minimalist make up collection.

The Mac Paint Pot in Groundwork is a very natural brown, that can be worn on it’s own for the day or used as a primer for a more intense and layered look. The Paint Pot collection comes in a range of colours (I am hooked, and am eyeing off my next purchase which will also serve multiple minimalistic requirements).


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