Healthy Vegan Nibbles

This snack recipe is a quick and easy one to prepare that you can eat anywhere and anytime with the added benefit of being super healthy! Butter beans are a healthy source of fiber, protein and key vitamins and minerals and with a bit of creativity, lima beans can be incorporated into a variety of your favorite foods.

This is a great nibble and flavours can be easily tweaked with any of your favourite spices such as chilli, garlic, coriander and so on. However in this particular recipe I used fresh herbs and spices because I had them at home and wanted to use them up… usually I use dried spices.


  • 1-2 cans of butter beans (Lima beans)
  • Olive oil or Coconut oil
  • Pinch of chilli powder
  • Fresh coriander chopped (can use dried)
  • 1 clove of garlic crushed (can use garlic powder)
  • Fresh parsley
  • Himalayan Salt


1. Preheat oven to 190c

2. Drain and rinse the beans thoroughly. Let drip dry in colander or pat dry on paper towel.

3. Slice each bean in half length ways (I have cooked them whole before however they don’t seem to get crunchy in the middle without burning the outside.)

4. Finally chop parsley and coriander, or whatever you have at home. Pop in a bowl with crushed garlic and a good dash of oil then add the beans and mix well.

5. Line baking dish with paper and spread beans out evenly.

6. Pop in the oven and start off roasting for 25 minutes and then stir to mix them around… at this point you may need to turn the oven down to 170c but its totally up to you how crispy you want to make them.

7. I play with time and temperature each time I cook this recipe… for some reason it’s never the same.

8. Enjoy!


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