Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu Sardinia

Sardinia is a special place to me. It is where my family used to go on holidays with my grandmother and also where my parents had their first holiday away together.

When my nanny (Rocco’s babysitter) said that she was getting married in Sardinia and that we were invited, not only did I jump for joy with excitement, but my brother also decided that this was a brilliant opportunity for us to have a holiday together and booked the flights for his family to join us in Porto Cervo. My brother and I quickly reminisced of the hours of fun we would have playing in the pool, on the beach and the long summer nights.

To be honest, I am quite useless at booking holidays, so when my super reliable brother organised for us to stay at Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu, in Porto Cervo, I trusted his taste.

As soon as I arrived, I knew that this was going to be a great holiday and one that was perfectly luxurious but with an authentic and welcoming family feel. The right balance between glamour and elegance as well as the right setting to help me recharge my batteries and also feel inspired again.

I was able to relax, switch off and reflect. The food was incredible, the décor so chic and most importantly children were welcome with only the Southern Italian warmth and love.

If Sardinia is on your list of holiday locations, I highly recommend checking out Poltu Quatu. And if you want to see more of the hotel, you can watch my Capsule Wardrobe video which I filmed at the hotel.

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