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Helping everyday people with their financial goals gives me a lot of happiness, joy and satisfaction. And because I work so closely with my clients, sometimes my services expand beyond the standard financial boundaries and knowledge to assisting people work on their personal goals.

Things like doing new courses to further their careers or working on a new business idea is not an uncommon goal that I come across with my motivated clients. However often these goals require some form of upfront capital, which is not immediately accessible in savings.

Yet the burning desire, excitement and ambition sometimes needs to be actioned on, (strike whilst the iron is hot!) and when this fire is ignited, in brainstorming ideas to come up with the required capital, Personal Loans are one area that we consider.

This week I did a video on How and When to use Personal Loans. As you know I am anti personal debt, and if you are in debt, my general advice is to get out of it…ASAP. However using personal loans to help achieve some of your life goals can really help you in your personal growth as well as create feelings of self worth, self esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Obviously if you take out a personal loan, you must be responsible and do everything that you can to pay it off, but you also need to find the right type of personal loan that will work for you, your goal and your situation. This involves doing research before applying for anything.

To help make this simple and easy, I included a link to a great calculator that I found. That should save you time and hopefully money!

Anyway, as always I hope that I have ignited something exciting within you and you feel inspired to work on your goals and get on with making exciting things happen! Let’s all lift our bar together and create a more exciting and fulfilling future…


P.S…I love a beautiful handbag…and whilst I am lusting over this Salvatore Ferragamo one, I won’t be using a personal loan to buy this!

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