Fulfilling Flowers

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The happiness uplift that I get from having fresh flowers in my home is well worth the cost.
There is something so welcoming and peaceful when you see a fresh display of flowers. For me, seeing a beautifully displayed arrangement on my coffee table, dining table, office desk or bedside table gives me a deeper sense of tranquillity and inspiration.
It can be hard to exercise some self control when it comes to buying flowers, so to help keep my budget in check, I head to the markets with my monkey to pick up my weekly supply of floral decorations and follow these simple 5 rules to get maximum “stretch” and time out of my flowers.
1. Buy 1 of the same type – often you can buy two of the same bunches of flowers for a better discount.
2. Spread the flowers – I break down the flowers and spread them across 3 different small vases, so that I can spread the love across my house.
3. Put a dash of bleach in the vase before giving them a fresh cut – this will help them last longer.
4. Change the water every couple of days.
5. Ask the florist for advice – often they will tell you what is great value.
Rocco and I spent $20 on these roses and we put together these different arrangements. Happiness uplift just kicked in.

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