From A Tribe Member

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to join Sugarmamma’s Sugar Tribe, here’s a letter from one of our tribe members about her experience and her financial journey.

Have you ever had a dream or goal that you have wanted to achieve, but didn’t? Maybe the timing or circumstances weren’t right and you didn’t end up achieving what you wanted to? I’ve been there.  As someone who insists on taking control of everything I can it’s a surprise that my finances were not something I paid much attention to. Over the last three years watching SugarMamma TV on YouTube I have gained an incredible amount of financial knowledge. As a fan of the SugarMamma TV YouTube channel I was so excited to learn that Canna was working on creating a special place for people to come together and learn more, with her private Facebook Group, THE $UGAR TRIBE.

THE $UGAR TRIBE is an amazing community where everyone is extremely helpful, kind and gives tough love when needed. My financial goal going into THE $UGAR TRIBE was to save $10,000 for a holiday to Hawaii for my sister and I. I had a small amount of money saved toward this goal already but without THE $UGAR TRIBE I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today without the support and kindness every member has shown me. Being witness to what everyone else in the group is experiencing and sharing provides such valuable knowledge.

In only a short three months of being part of THE $UGAR TRIBE I had saved enough money to purchase flights, accommodation, attraction passes and even some spending money for the holiday. I was amazed at how my hard work paid off. Of course there were setbacks, there were unexpected bills and emergency visits to our vet, personal situations that required time off work and an unexpected death in the family that resulted in my daily expenses doubling. I had many moments where I wanted to pull the pin on saving for the holiday and forget about it. But I persisted because I knew it was an important goal, as taking my sister to Hawaii meant that I could show her the world, she could see a new culture and experience new, exciting things.

After going over the figures for our holiday I discovered I had saved enough money to not only visit Hawaii, but LA and New York City could also be included. I achieved this by creating a plan, I wrote down my goals with pen and paper and I broke down my big goal into smaller goals, focusing on each $1000, giving myself a timeline to achieve each $1000.

I have been constantly looking for new ways to save money and create more opportunities for myself. I am lucky to be in a job where I have the opportunity to earn overtime, but I also created other income by selling unused items, doing surveys, using rewards points and shopping mindfully. Every day I am amazed at how I try and achieve more, it’s incredible what we are capable of when we put our mind to something. THE $UGAR TRIBE is a great place for when I am feeling deflated or unmotivated, watching Canna’s live chats, discovering new books and reading what everyone else is up to creates so much motivation that makes me feel like I can achieve anything.

It’s easy to get caught up in life and put your finances on the back-burner, but life is too short to live this way. The best thing I have ever done is take responsibility of my situation and change it. We have no idea how much power and strength we have until we are challenged. If you have a goal, idea or dream that you want to accomplish, the best time to do it is now.

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