Four Baby Investments Keeping Me Sane – Not Sponsored

Recently I shared with you in this video that maintaining my love of minimalism whilst re-entering the baby phase was really important to me. Partly well…mainly because what triggered me to fall into minimalism in the first place was the overwhelming drowning sensation that I experienced with all the “Baby Essentials” cluttering my home, which subsequently cluttered my headspace and heart. As soon as I started getting rid of the excess, I immediately felt a shift towards recovery and could breathe again with a sense of clarity. So in an effort to proactively stop letting unnecessary items infiltrate my home started with “My Baby Essential”.

Since having Apple, I have stuck true to this and it feels good and I feel proud. However this does not mean that I have not bought anything. Of course there are things that I have had to purchase. Some for necessity, some for convenience and some even for interest. Some I have regretted, but when this has happened I have taken a moment to learn my lesson so not to make the same error again and some have been great investments that have added value to my life and felt like a helpful wise and responsible investment. Here are four that I want to share with you and why.

1. Maxi Cosi Car Capsule

This has been a huge saving grace with Apple. The Maxi Cosi Car Capsule is one of the safest car capsules for babies on the market and features superior head protection, extendable sun canopy with UPF 50+ and a water resistant hood with rear and side mesh inserts for continuous air flow. These features give me a huge sense of peace of mind as we drive around town running errands. 

As hotter weather approaches with spring rain and summer heat, I know that baby Apple will be kept cool in the heat with the ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric which will draw moisture away from Apple’s skin to keep her cool and comfortable. 


The ease-of-use functionality not only helps me, it is important to Apple as it means her uninterrupted sleep is teaching her to link her sleep cycles during the day, which will hopefully help contribute to better sleeping patterns at night time and (fingers crossed) encourage sleeping through the night with minimal wakings.

When we get home, I can take the capsule into the house, with the two other settings which allow me to safely rock her or doubles up as hands free baby rocker.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one ease of use capsule, this is the one I’d recommend. 

2. Avent Hand Pump

A friend kindly gave me her electronic breast pump, which is great, but to be honest I am loving the hand pump. It doesn’t use any electricity and doesn’t take up much space. This is really helpful for me as it disconnects into 5 key pieces, which can fit into my handbag without weighing me down and I don’t need to sit wired up to a powerpoint. The Tommee Tippee Milk Pouches can also connect to this pump, making them ready to go straight into the freezer.

3. Endota

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I prefer to use skin and hair care products that my whole family can use, rather than having “his products, her products and then kids plus baby products”. It clutters my bathroom, (more bottles for me to knock over and spill) and is one of the examples of excess that I hate in my life personally. Recently I was given the new Endota Spa Organics Nurture range and I absolutely love it. Not only do they smell heavenly, but they are made from natural ingredients and organic. The Moisture Rich Belly Butter is continuing to be used as my skin slowly shrinks back, the Calming Sleep Mist is helping me sleep restfully but also feel more present in times where exhaustion is peaking and bath time is what it should be, fully of fluffy bubbles, but chemical free ones with their Gentle Bath and Body Wash.

4. Tooshies By Tom - Nappies & Wipes

As I embrace less, I also like to see less in my garbage bins, because for me, it is a sign that I am stopping the waste or excess to enter my home in the first place and living a more authentically minimal life with care and admiration for the environment.  So when I put nappies and wipes into my bin, knowing that the ones I choose are biodegradable helps reduce the guilt and makes me feel proud and responsible. The nappies that I am using are the Tooshies By Tom Nappies and wipes, which are not only biodegradable but also made with organic products. Even the packaging can be recycled through RedCycle. So much so, that when I switched brands to test another product out, Apple was left with a nasty nappy rash that has only subsided since reverting back to the Tooshie brand again.

These four things are helping me stay minimal. Less damage to the environment, cleaner products for my family to use and of course, multi-purpose investments that are also helping make my life simpler. A great combination for a better more meaningful life.


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