“Fluffy” Cheese on Toast

A very simple and family favourite, appropriate for the chillier weather!

1 large egg
100 grams grated cheddar
2 slices bread
Salt & Pepper

Toast both sides of the bread – any bread will do but good bread i.e. sourdough, multigrain etc gives a better result. A toaster is faster for making toast but it can also be put under a grill and turned over

Break egg into bowl and whisk up a bit with a fork to combine the yolk and white

Add grated cheese and mix together

At this point, you can add a couple of shakes of Worcester sauce/sweet chilli sauce and a little bit of salt and pepper. You can also add a bit of chopped tomato, not too much as it makes the end result sloppy, or fine chopped onion or scallion, or ham or just about anything!

Put a strip of foil on a baking sheet (throw away after cooking so no washing up melted cheese) and place toast on top

Spread cheese mix over the toast – ensure the sides of the toast are covered with mixture as otherwise edges can burn as they are already toasted

Pop under heated grill for a few minutes until slightly browned and bubbling – the inclusion of the egg makes the cheese mix light and fluffy and quite different to ordinary cheese on toast!

Remove from grill and allow to cool slightly before eating – adding a salad makes this a meal!


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