Financing With Compassion

Financing your dreams and long term goals may feel so far off in the distance, especially if you are a student that is still planning for the future, but there is no time like the present to begin making mindful decisions with your income and expenses. If you are taking out loans for university or simply trying to save for your future goals, a cohesive budget will relieve the pressure of nearly not making end’s meet or getting caught up in a financial emergency. Here are some helpful tips and tools that may help you establish responsible, healthy habits in work & life!

1) Keep up with your mail, and clean out your junk mail folder!

Taking care to keep a tidy virtual & physical space is an important step in clarifying your goals & making progress. Once you delete those one-thousand unread emails from department stores and online campaigns, you will feel an enormous sense of relief and be able to focus your energy on your responsibilities. Take the time to unsubscribe, send to spam, and delete this virtual mess from your life! Plus, keeping a clear inbox will allow you to respond faster to the most important messages and prioritize vital tasks first!

2) Discover what financial & organisational tools work for you.

I tried (and failed!) to use Google Calendar for several weeks, but ultimately did not see the utility of double-checking my phone every moment of the day. However, after being teased by my partner about how I would abandon it within a few weeks, I invested in a beautifully designed planner by Jane Dixon that provides a clear layout for every week of the month. It serves as a physical reminder of what I need to complete and contains many internal rumblings & ideas, and even features inspirational quotes in hidden sections throughout the planner. It has easily become the most useful purchase I have made all year. Do not be afraid to experiment and find what tools help you fulfil your goals!

Qapital is a financial app that assists financial novices in setting & fulfilling personalised monetary goals by rounding up every debit card purchase and holding these savings in a separate account until that goal is met. The application also provides an easy option to begin investing with these savings and outlines 5 portfolio types, from lowest risk to highest, that can point you in the right direction towards fulfilling your financial goals your way. Saving and investing can be intimidating without clearly set goals and an organised interface to handle finances, but Qapital aims to remedy that with its minimal design focused on your progress and portfolio. Repurposing money that would normally be sitting in the bank is the key to developing passive income & finding your own path to success.

3) Don’t neglect your physical and mental health.

It has been a decidedly tough year, in which our notions of reality may have been ever so slightly obscured, and our grasp of safety along with it. In times such as this, where we can never be too sure of what tomorrow’s outcome will hold, it is critical that we prioritize our health above all. No matter how we de-stress from the day to day, whether that is through time spent with loved ones, nurturing our frazzled minds with a book and home cooked meal, or releasing pent-up energy through exercise, we must have compassion for ourselves in mind first. What are our financial goals if our needs are not being met first?

Our environment and mental/physical health, are just as important as the financial strategies we use, to up-level our finances. So remember to nurture your mind, take care of your body and find the right strategies to suit your needs. Don’t aspire to a certain goal, or quickly jump onto the latest financial trend, just because it’s all the rage. Do your research and make sure your decisions are not influenced by external hype! And if things don’t work out, there’s no harm in starting again.


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