Financial Foreplay: My New Podcast Is Launching Soon!

Money Mondays are back…

My brain loves structure, routine and organisation. Without these simple requirements, I can’t focus or get anything done – or at least done properly! I drop balls, I don’t sleep well, my thoughts, words and emotions get entangled into a ball of confusion. Which is why I always have to prioritise my own life admin upfront, before embarking on any new goals. 

Moving houses recently has increased the responsibilities in my world. Confession: Because I haven’t moved house in 10 years, I had forgotten about all the little things that you need to do, like updating your address, reconnecting your utilities and services, registering your pets with the local councils etc. The stress is compounded by juggling other personal admin, in a world drastically changed by COVID-19.

Now that I have cleared my load and feel that I am slowly getting back on top of things (or maybe I have completely forgotten about other responsibilities…), I have been able to free up time and create a routine to produce my new podcast, Financial Foreplay.  Financial Foreplay will be published every Monday morning, with my YouTube videos published on Thursday afternoons. Hopefully you can get the best of both worlds with this schedule! Start your week off with fresh financial inspiration/motivation and then embrace the approaching weekend with my YouTube video content – which will focus on personal finances, but also include minimalism, capsule wardrobe fashion and life hacks. 

However, Financial Foreplay will be quite different from my YouTube channel! With a podcast, I can speak in more depth, I have the time and space to share more with you (even personal things).  I can interview more people and ask them more questions, hear more stories and hopefully give you even more financial education and empowerment. 

A key component of this podcast is your stories. I will profile people who have transformed their finances and unveil their secrets to success. So get ready for my first podcast launching on Monday the 29th of June where I will be sharing even more with you as to what you will be hearing about and even how you may be involved in the direction of this next financial chapter.


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