Brutal Truth: Living On The Bread Line…

This week I am only publishing one piece of content, which is a podcast on Financial Foreplay

This podcast stands alone, because I want the message reverberated loudly and reinforced into everyone’s money mentality. It highlights the importance of developing savvy financial habits, implementing strategies for long-term sustainability and empower people to make a change – it’s better to start now, rather than later.

My podcast, “Tough But Honest Financial Love” is the most passionate piece of content I have created, because the situation that sparked this post, reminded me of why I started my career and what my purpose in life is. The SugarMamma.TV journey began because I wanted to give women the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions, so they never had to rely on any external sources for help. And sometimes, I have to give people tough love – confronting them with the harsh reality. A client who booked a SugarMamma.TV consultation did not realise it, but she was going to end up on the breadline, if she did not make significant changes to her finance.

In listening to this podcast, I hope that you realise how important your superannuation is. The effect of inflation over the long run should never be underestimated and the impact of medical technology is extending the longevity and quality of our retirement. I hope you realise that your superannuation must be invested for your long term financial goals and that even a small contribution on a regular basis helps make a big difference. 

Once you have listened to this story, my words, my concerns, fears and solutions, I hope that you invest some of your time to discovering more about your superannuation.

Some basic research you need to undertake include:

-Where your superannuation is

-How much you have

-How much is going in every year

-What you can do now to increase your superannuation balance and build stronger financial security.

Never forget that your superannuation should be your most valuable financial asset that you ever own.  Your number one financial goal should be to ensure your super provides you with enough income every year throughout your retirement, so that you can retire comfortably and on time. 


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