Ephemera Swimwear

The definition of “Ephemera” is something that is only used or enjoyed for a short period of time. But in looking at Ephemera’s high quality swimwear range, I think not only the quality of the fabric, but more importantly the clean sophisticated cut and design of the range, this collection should be one that remains timelessly classic and enjoyed for actually a long period of time.

The new collection is out now, which was bought to my attention by an Ephemera fan…scrolling through the collection, it is hard to pick which one I like the most….I like all the most. However being someone who sticks to a  very neutral and pastel colour palate, I actually like to walk on the wild side and embrace colour when it comes to swimwear and beach towels…

Check out some of my favourites below….



canna-october-20 canna-october-21 canna-october-26 canna-october-32 canna-october-39


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