Empowering Knowledge

There is no better time than today to be responsible and proactive about the choices you make around building a healthy credit history.

It is so important that we become more conscious about the financial decisions that we make today, because it can significantly affect our ability to achieve our future financial goals.

This week, I went on Today Extra to discuss why we should know and understand our credit history, which you can find out for yourself at GetCreditScore.

In a recent survey of GetCreditScore’s 300,000 strong database of people, who have already checked their credit score, found that 67% claimed financial mistakes that they made before they turned 30 had an impact on their ability to access loans and financial products, which then resulted in impacting relationships and employability.

Remember knowledge is power, and empowering…so when you know your credit score, you then have the ability to step up and improve or fix your credit score or even the confidence to seek out and negotiate better deals.  Which could save you valuable interest but more importantly time.

Finding out your credit score is quick, easy and free. Not only does it give you your result on the spot, but it explains what your score means and gives you suggestions as to what you can do to improve it or the possible benefits available to you by having a strong score.

By taking these steps, you can improve and better your financial health and also start moving towards creating financial future for yourself.

I hope this sparks your curiosity and inspires you to continue your exciting journey. I dare you to check your credit score today, I have already done mine!



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