Electronic Jewellery, New T-shirts & Avoiding PND…My Mental Health Investments

This week I published a podcast that is my most personal one yet…I reflect and talk specifically about my mental health and what I am investing in to help preserve it.

As you know, I gave birth to Tiger Tilli 6 weeks ago and with my history with PND and PTSS, I am being hyper vigilant about listening to my headspace. I got myself into a frightening place when I had Rocco, which I share with you in this podcast. So being proactive as well as kind to myself is a priority for me right now.

In the lead up to giving birth, I started to prepare a few things which would help me prioritise my mental health with extra proactive care as I approached the return of broken sleep that comes with the newborn territory. Some are old habits that worked when I had Apple, with some new ideas that I learnt from others and a few new discoveries of my own. Some are budget friendly, some are expensive…but for me, they have been valuable investments, with a worthwhile return. Health always comes before wealth.

Each of these ideas I have shared in this podcast to explain my headspace, and for you to hear and maybe use yourself. They range from technology to materialistic things. And for me, so far, they have really helped me.

Sure, I have bad days, and plenty of bad nights, (typing this with a strong cap sitting next to me), but I feel like with these investments I am getting through the tough days with my sense of humour in tact. My self talk is far more nurturing and during any anxious moments that I may experience, a greater sense of gratitude rises up inside of me, reminding me about the honour and passage of motherhood, restoring a sense of calm and strength within me again.

It took a lot for me to share this podcast with you, I ummed and ahhed about if it would be appropriate, too much information, off topic or even too confronting. But at the end of the day, I never want to paint a false fake life, and I know that in my own dark moments I desperately searched for people who had come out the other side of PND and PSS so that I could build some faith that this feeling wasn’t here to stay, I wasn’t alone and that it is possible with the right tools, help and attitude, to come out the other side: even as a new and improved person.

So I really hope that there is even a little bit of advice, guidance or help for anyone who listens to this podcast. Letting my guard down and being open is scary, particularly around mental health. However I truely believe that if we can be more open, authentic and share with each other, we support each other’s own journey to be stronger, more compassionate and more emotionally evolved than ever before.

Made with even more love and kindness for you this week. 


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