Desire is the starting point of all achievement….

When you want something badly, and not only are you seriously committed to the goal, but have made that vital decision to go after what you want, your energy changes. Your ability to focus and concentrate improves and you open up to ways and ideas to try and achieve that goal as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The $1,000 Project has restarted and in conjunction with being on Channel 9’s The Today Show, talking about how to make some quick cash for Christmas, I decided to elaborate on this idea and come up with as many ideas as possible to show you how to make some quick cash.

What surprised me the most was how quickly I came up with ideas, in fact I have even more ideas. I put my top 20 ideas in this week’s Money Monday video and will look to make more videos like this one. My point is, when you have a powerful goal, that you are passionate about, the ideas that flow towards you are the important kicks of action that you need to run with to turn your goal into a reality…and that is how I managed to save and then invest $32,000 over 12 months for the first round of The $1,000 Project.

Which also brings me to the inspiration of people around me that are also actively working on their goals. Like Isola Herbs, started by a lovely lady from Canada selling essential oils at her local markets…and Georgie Abay from The Grace Tales has launched her own neoprene handbag collection. These are people how have the energy and passion to give something a go…and not only am I proud of them, but I am inspired by them.

So I encourage you to set a goal, (a great one), open your mind up to different ways and ideas of making that goal happen, and put amazing action in using those ideas.


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