Daring to Date – MYER Mid Season to the rescue

One of the key approach that I take when try to incorporate a minimalistic approach to my wardrobe is looking at my typical daily activities, hours spent and then matching it against the clothing items needed. For example if you spend 10% of your time exercising, then 10% of your wardrobe should be dedicated to gym wear, if 40% of your time is spent in an office, 40% of your wardrobe should be dedicated to your corporate attire. You would also consider parties, weekend day wear, weekend eventing wear etc.

However I then take it to another level and buy items that can cover me or stretch across a range of different activities. I have a favourite gym top (super simple, black and in a great cut), but I also wear it on the weekend, tucked in with my favourite jeans, or sometimes even to work with my classic pencil skirt, under a blazer.

Basically I like to get great versatility from my wardrobe as well as millage. In taking this approach, it has allowed me to also allow myself to focus on quality (rather than quantity), and when required, give myself permission (or justify) to buy a few special pieces that cost a little more than I would normally spend.

Anyway, recently I have decided (well encouraged) to start to get myself back out there in the dating world (yes I am terrified), and in reviewing my wardrobe, it dawned on me that I didn’t really have any items that I would feel comfortable wearing on a date with someone special.

This realisation was opportune, as the MYER Mid Season Sales have just begun, so I decided to allow myself to add a few pieces to my wardrobe that will cover me in the office and can quickly be adjusted or tweaked to get me quickly into “Date Night Mode”. I made a video for you to show the pieces that I purchased and how I used and styled them with my existing staple pieces in my existing capsule wardrobe.

So if you are looking to add a few special pieces to your wardrobe and want to make the most of the sales, I definitely recommend checking out MYER whilst the sales are on! Plus it was so convenient as everything was under the one roof! Quick and easy!


This was written as part of a collaboration with Myer.

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