Cork: A small city in the Land of the Emerald Isles

Generally when people mention Ireland, we think of a lot of green lushness, prancing leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A country so close, yet comparatively so far from the rest of Europe, it is often the country people end up passing through as a little additional to their big European travels. However, after choosing to spend several weeks in this country of greenness, four – leaved clovers and a lot of Guinness, I can safely say, as I am sure applies to other countries, there is more than what meets the eye in this perpetually rain – filled country called Ireland.

Cork, a University city on the South – West coast of Ireland, was where I spent most of my Irish adventures. Although on the surface, a fairly small city, it is in actual fact, filled with quaint cobblestone streets, brimming with pubs and what serves as a real – life Hogwarts experiences. Walking down the main street of Cork City, Patrick St, was to me, like walking through time and into Diagon Alley. While big department stores and shopping is a plenty, what was the most exciting part about this adventure were all the cute and hidden cafes, tucked inside the corners of Cork City.

For those big on breakfast buffets, there is a small Victorian – styled boutique guest house called Garnish House, which offers dishes ranging from the Traditional Full Irish Breakfast with omelettes and blood sausage, to eggs benedict, fluffy pancakes, cinnamon scrolls and of course, porridge with Bailey’s Irish Cream. As a breakfast buffet, this place is constantly filled with customers, though the vibe is just as relaxed and tranquil as the rest of Cork.

To continue my ‘in Cork’ Harry Potter experience, there are several castles which are also open to the public. The closest one to Cork City is Blackrock Castle. Initially built as a defence mechanism on the coat in 16th Century, this castle now stands as an observatory, café and restaurant, with the menu offering much seafood and a picturesque view of the coast and castle looming over you as you eat; definitely an experience to enjoy when in Cork.

Although a fairly small city town, Cork is filled with a lot of undiscovered cafes, restaurants and pubs that you must visit, if you ever visit the Land of the Emerald Isles. Three weeks may seem like a long time to spend in one place while travelling but with so much to do, explore and learn about Cork, time will fly by and before you know you, you’ll be running out of days to visit everything on your bucket list while in Cork!

Em x

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